Hello Blog!

Without too much words: as a data scientist one has to deal with a dozen of problems a day. Many of them are resolved by just a bit of googling. A reason for this are the numerous blogs of other developers, which gone the long way of producing solutions in an easy consumable way for others. For this I am very grateful. So its also time to give something back.

The other reason why i started this blog is to have a useful resource for myself which I can use if I tend to forget solutions for known problems.

And then there are also very specific problems for which there might not be a solution out there already – or I was just not smart enough to find it in a reasonable manner of time. So sometimes you are forced to develop your own solutions. I might not say that these are always the best – especially in the first draft, but its all about the fun with learning by doing – isn’t it?

So let’s get this thing started…

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